Sunday Morning Worship at 9:30 am

The Sunday morning worship service at Immanuel is filled with music, praise and a practical expository message from God’s Word.  This corporate time of worship also gives opportunity to connect and fellowship with others in the Immanuel Family.  You are invited to come and worship at Immanuel! The atmosphere is welcoming and the dress ranges from Sunday dress to jeans & t-shirt.
Children are welcomed into the morning worship service and dismissed after the music for age appropriate Children’s Church.To hear a Sunday morning message click here.


 Sunday Small Group Ministry at 11:00 am

Immanuel is more than a church service on Sunday. We are a church family. We are a community of changed people worshiping God and exalting the name of Jesus, together. Our mission is to produce disciples of Jesus who worship Him and exalt His name. Each week, following the worship service,  small groups of people meet  to study God’s Word, pray,  laugh, and do life together for the glory of Jesus Christ. We call these Growth Groups–and they’re central to our mission of helping people be transformed by Christ.  While adults meet together, children and teens meet for Sunday School.  Scroll down to see more information.  
Going Deeper Growth Group is an interactive group that meets to discuss the morning message.  Sermon notes are provided for the morning message and then in the evening the discussion of the message goes deeper into God’s Word and application of the Scripture principles that were taught during the Morning Worship Service
.  This discussion is thought provoking and practical and meets in Room 206.





Ladies Growth Group consists of women who desire to grow in God’s Word and grow in their relationships with each other.  This group meets in Room 208 to pray for one another and study the Bible together. Currently the Ladies Growth Group is studying the Sermon on the Mount from the gospel of Matthew.





Growth Groups at Immanuel – Come Grow with Us!


Sunday School for Children & Teens at 11:00 am

While the adults are in Growth Groups, the children and teens are active in learning God’s Word
in age appropriate Sunday School classes.  Your children and teens will be grounded in God’s Word and enjoy
spending time with others their own age.  Teens meet in Room 306.  Children meet downstairs for AWANA