A Bible Study Aid

Studying God’s Word is important for each of us in our walk with Christ.  Below is one way to help you learn from God’s Word as you study at home throughout the week. 

 * In applying these principles, be careful to first identify, and then stay within, the intended meaning of the author.  The first question is not “what does this text mean to me”, but rather “what is the author intending to communicate”  . . . to those whom he is writing.  This must come before any application of biblical principles to life.  Any application must be in harmony, not contradiction with, the intended meaning of the author of the Biblical text.



Included is a passage(s) to illustrate each element


1. Sins to Avoid                             (I Samuel 15:1-3,10-29)

– these are things which God is commanding me to avoid or to stop doing that breaks fellowship with Him.


2. Promises or Principles               (Matthew 6:25-34)


– these are Biblical ways of thinking or behaving that  are  always true and right regardless of where I live, who I am  with, or what the circumstances might be.  These apply to all cultures, at any time, and in any situation.



– These are God’s commitments to His people, Nation, Word, us


3. Examples or Illustrations            (John 13:1-15)

Examples are usually related to people in the Bible

Illustrations are usually related to things in the Bible

Question: How is God using this person, thing, or circumstance to teach us?


4. Commands to obey                  (Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

– These are non-negotiable; things in which God will not change His mind. They are always for our good as a believer. (James 1:16-17)


5. Stumbling blocks to avoid         (I Corinthians 8:4-13)

– What does God want me to avoid or stop doing that may hurt my public testimony or relationships; and therefore, dishonor God?